Complete guide to Crystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt

Working with crystals and the body`s seven chakras, or natural energy points, is one of the most powerful and ancient healing practices. Crystals are natural energy-boosters, which also protect us by detoxifying our physical, emotional, and spiritual systems from stress, promoting well-being and serenity.

This book explains exactly how to use a crystal pendulum to diagnose the health of a chakra, then use a wealth of healing techniques to gently rebalance energy, from placing crystals on the body to using your hands to sense and send out energy. There are in-depth sections on each chakra, with checklists of symptoms, plus profiles of over 100 amazing crystals you can find easily and use for healing.

Also find within:

-Comprehensive lists of symptoms and checklists to help with self-diagnosis

-Natural Healing Techniques that require you to use only crystals and your hands

-Over 100 crystals for healing, all of which are safe to use and readily available.

This is a 160 page soft cover book.  


Crystals for Beginners by Corrine Kenner

Brighten your energy and add a little sparkle to your days with the beauty and power of crystals. Crystals for Beginners takes a clear and concise look at crystal magic, folklore, and wisdom. It includes an alphabetical guide to crystals from agates to zoisite, along with advice on collecting, cleansing, and charging them. Handy reference charts help you quickly find information on birthstones, zodiac stones, precious metals, and more. This friendly book makes it easy to learn about crystals and how to use their positive energy in a variety of ways:

  • Balance your body, mind, and spirit
  • Calm and center your emotions
  • Tap into your inner wisdom
  • Amplify and focus your energy
  • Develop your intuition and creativity
  • Experience richer dreams

Make every day shine! Live lighter, brighter, and better when you add crystal power to your life.

This is a 244 page soft-cover book.



The Illustrated  guide to Crystals by Judy Hall

Learn about what crystals do, and how to choose, cleanse, and make them your own. Rebalance and realign energy to help yourself heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. Safeguard your surroundings and your aura, and select a stone for an amulet with protective properties. Consult the fully illustrated directory of 150 crystals and recognize their beneficial effects. Paperback, 125 pages. 15.95


Crystal Healing by Simon & Sue Lilly
Crystal Healing is a practical, easy-to-use guide to harnessing the healing powers of crystals, with expert advice on how to combat illness, emotional issues, the stresses and strains of modern life and much more. It is packed with tried and tested layouts for healing, as well as guided visualizations and meditations and an in-depth repertory of key crystals. All of this is accompanied by clear, step-by-step instructions accompanied by informative illustrations and beautiful crystal photographs throughout, making this is an essential book for beginner and experienced crystal healers alike.

This is a 160 page soft cover book 17.95

Ency. of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham

This is a great reference for those that wish to enter the world of gemstone, crystal and metal magic and a must for anyone that needs a reference on this subject. The description of each mineral or metals mystical properties are clearly described in enough detail to let you know what is is best suited for. Cunningham also includes a quick-reference summary that is set up in a logical and easy-to-use format. Paperback, 240 pgs. 17.95

Essential Guide to Crystal by Lilly/ Lilly

Crystals, though mined from the depths of the earth, are things of light and beauty. Since ancient times crystals have offered us a wealth of ways to heal our spirit and enhance our lives. The Essential Guide to Crystals is a superb user`s and collector`s guide to more than 100 crystals, each one illustrated with sparkling color photographs (including enlarged photo details), with a concise profile of the stone`s visual characteristics, healing properties, and other practical uses. Fascinating information on the science and cultural history of particular crystals is also provided, including any myths and legends associated with them. Each entry also has invaluable guidelines on the identification and care of the crystal (with a list of similar-looking stones; and a unique set of keywords indicating the main functions of the crystals at a glance. Also included is practical information on key topics such as meditation, Ayurveda, Feng Shui, amulets an birthstones, wands and pendulums, connections with auras and chakras, how to cleanse, charge, and care for crystals, and how to use them most effectively for healing and balance. This is a 288 page softcover book. 15.95


Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt


The Crystal Healers first two chapters explain the principles of crystal healing, examining how crystals can transmit and magnify energy. Learn how to work with a crystal pendulum to dowse and understand how healers work with crystals and the bodys chakras, or energy centers, to rebalance the energetic systems and bring about healing. The next section, The Crystal Finder offers a way to find out what your crystals can do for you! With over 250 crystals arranged by color, detailing their healing properties, you can match your crystals to the pictures and profiles, identify your stone and discover its amazing properties to balance mind, body and spirit. Crystal Remedies enables you to look up an ailment and select the appropriate crystal for your treatment. From migraines and insomnia to muscle aches, eczema and other allergies or to beat exhaustion or give yourself a confidence boost, this section will be able to find the right crystals for you! With 250 common ailments listed and with full descriptions of how to work with crystals for each condition, youll discover that crystal healing can be both satisfying and simple to do. As Philip Permutt says Whether this is the start of your journey with crystals or another step on your path, may this book help you with each change as you walk towards health, happiness and harmony. This book is a fully illustrated 144 page trade paperback. 17.95