Rosslyn Chapel Occult Secrets & Esoteric Treasures Revealed

Over the years, fevered speculation pertaining to Scotland`s Rosslyn Chapel has fueled a series of quests to uncover what, if any mystical arcane secrets and codes that may be encrypted within its design. One unauthorized quest even attempted to bore into the underground vaults from a field outside the building! This book and CD explores many of the possible secrets and treasures that might be contained within, including:

  • The belief that access to arcane knowledge and artifacts dating from the dawn of humanity lie buried deep inside the vaults, tunnels, and chambers below the chapel, and that the secrets of alchemy are within full view but well hidden within the myriad carvings and beautiful geometric shapes to be found throughout this ornate structure.
  • That the chapel itself has its own tales of specters, with observers speaking of accounts of everything ranging from ghosts of monks and knights that have been seen throughout the Chapel`s grounds to a fiery luminescence that emanates from the chapel itself.
  • The belief that the chapel is home to many religious relics and secret treasures, including the "Black Rod," which is sometimes referred to as the Holy Rood and is believed to be part of the True Cross, upon which Jesus was crucified.
  • The belief that Rosslyn Chapel may be the final resting place of the mummified head of Christ, as well as the possible sanctuary of the Holy Grail; a theory that often ties the chapel to the legendary artifact called "The Baphomet" which was allegedly worshiped by the Templars.
  • The mythos which says that there is a definite occult connection, including Masonic and Templar lore, which attributes many strange events and anomalies within the nearby valley to events within the Chapel itself.

This is a 172 page book, which includes a companion CD which utilizes sound to unleash the deepest secrets of Rosslyn Chapel.



Cauldron of Memory by Raven Grimassi

Many of us long to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and take part in the sacred traditions of past generations. As a vitally important lineage bearer of your ancestors, you have the ability to tap into a wealth of hereditary knowledge for spiritual health, personal transformation, and enlightenment. The Cauldron of memory is a groundbreaking book that teaches you how to retrieve ancestral memory, based on the emerging science of morphogenesis and the theory that ancestral memory is stored within our DNA as energy. Raven Grimassi guides you through an effective and powerful system of visualizations, magical techniques, and pathworkings for each of your three inner levels: regeneration, abundance, and enlightenment.

Reconstruct rituals and works of magic, relive sacred rites, communicate with otherworldly beings, contact your spirit guardians, and unearth long-buried mysteries. Reconstructionists, eclectics, and traditionalists alike will discover empowering techniques for calling forth a treasury of ancestral wisdom.

Discover the living ancestral memory at the core of your own spiritual center and reclaim the hidden vessel of your ancestral lineage, the Cauldron of Memory.

This is a 232 page soft cover book. 19.95


Magical Rituals for Money by Donna Rose

From author Donna Rose, Magical Rituals for Money is a book of easy-to-do spells to help you obtain money or good luck. These traditional rituals and the information about them have been used by practitioners for many generations. They have helped scores of people to improve their financial well being. Use them to obtain your goals and help the ones you love.

This is a 45 page soft cover book.


Magic`s in the Bag by Bradley & Coen

What if you could carry a prayer or spell with you all the time? With a specially crafted gris gris bag at hand, you hold the power to attract love, protection, good fortune, and anything you wish into your life.

Magic`s in the Bag is the only book that teaches you everything you need to know about creating and using gris gris bags. It takes you on a fascinating and fun exploration of the history of mojo bags and charms, from ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Celtic beliefs to early Native American and African spiritual practice to modern voodoo in New Orleans.

You`ll find more than 75 simple spells to empower your gris gris bag, including enchantments for beauty, fidelity, and creativity, contacting spirits, safe travel, and sweet dreams. You`ll get tips on growing your own gris gris garden. Alphabetical lists of magical correspondences for moon phases, herbs, crystals, stones, and shells make it easy to determine the best time and the optimal ingredients for making your wishes come true.

This is a 268 page soft cover book. 19.95


 Practical Protection Magick by Ellen Dugan

Embrace your innate warrior skills - knowledge, balance, and wisdom - and amp up your personal power. This helpful handbook is chock-full of protection witchery and psychic self-defense techniques you can use to keep yourself and your home strong, secure, and protected.

With her trademark humor and candor, best-selling author Ellen Dugan teaches how to weave safe and sensible protection magick into your Craft practice and daily life. This unique practical guide reveals how to pinpoint your psychic strengths, set boundaries, diagnose a problem with divination, and maintain health on physical, physic, and magickal levels. You`ll also find precise and potent spells, rituals, and warding techniques to defend against psychic attacks, emotional and psychic vampires, hexes, unwanted ghosts, and other forms of negativity threatening your home and your well-being.

This is a 224 page soft cover book.


 To Light A Sacred Flame by Silver Ravenwolf

Banish. Bless. Light it up. Cast a circle for a fire harvest ritual, create your own signature magickal powder, master the nuances of fascinations and glamouries. A Witch`s world, both within and without, is filled with wonder and magick. It`s also filled with the hard work and dedication to learning that are part of living the Craft every day.

Silver RavenWolf illuminates the Craft fundamentals of focus, visualization, and energy work in To Light a Sacred Flame, the third volume in the wildly popular Witchcraft series that also includes To Ride a Silver Broomstick and To Stir a Magick Cauldron. This indispensable guide presents tried-and-true Witch wisdom, dished out with Silver`s down-to-earth warmth and humor. You`ll learn the essentials of Witchcraft, including:

  • The ten mysteries of invoking your power
  • Healing circles
  • Trance states and suggestions
  • Glamouries
  • Spiritual housecleaning
  • Banishings
  • Blessings
  • Magickal renovations and harmonious workspaces
  • Linking spells
  • Shrines
  • Elementals
  • Solitary, group, family, and master rituals
  • Devotions and prayers
  • Discovering your personal magick cycle
  • Moon and candle magick, enchanted powders, correspondences, and more


Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires

The magickal practices and esoteric knowledge of medieval Europe form the foundation of modern ceremonial magick. To truly understand medieval magick, one most decipher the repositories of this occult knowledge; the grimoires of spells, incantations, and ritual instructions for summoning spiritual entities (both celestial and infernal) for magickal purposes.

With Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires, scholar and magician Aaron Leitch has written a masterwork for novice and mage alike. This comprehensive reference manual is the only existing primer of the Renaissance grimoire tradition. It has been designed to provide both an understandable and useful synthesis of the magickal material, as well as a historically accurate context for the development of the grimoires.
This groundbreaking guide examines Agrippa`s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, , the Key of Solomon, the Lemegeton, The Book Abramelin, Dees Enochian diaries, and several other classical texts. It compares the texts to one another, and then to other Pagan and tribal cultural practices, reaching a conclusion that may surprise you. Using this newfound insight to the grimoires, the author presents innovative techniques that you can use for truly astounding results in your own magickal practice.
/br> This is 432 page soft-cover book. 35.95

Earth, Air, Fire & Water by Scott Cunningham

With this continuation of the best-selling Earth Power, tap into the marvelous powers of the natural world with these rites, spells and simple rituals that you can do easily and with a minimum of equipment. This book includes more than 75 spells, rituals and ceremonies and detailed instructions for designing your own magical spells. Paperback, 212 pgs. 13.95

Un-Spell Book, Energy Essentials for Mastering Magick by Mya Om

Why would a Witch who practices magick write something called The Un-Spell Book? To help other magickal people understand that the spell-caster is the true source of the magickal power. The exercises and techniques in this guide will help you master the essentials behind all successful magick: your own focus, will, and energy.

Both beginning spellcasters and experienced Witches will benefit fromt his engaging, step-by-step book. You`ll learn how to:

  • Raise, direct, and release energy
  • Clearly define the intent of your spell
  • Choose trigger words that act as magickal shortcuts
  • Empower spells by connecting to many forms of energy
  • Create and use thought constructs
  • Work with elementals

Once you`ve learned how to direct your own magickal power, you can cast effective spells anytime and anywhere - no spellbook required! 15.95

Witches` Way by Farrrar/ Farrar

The most comprehensive and revealing work on the practices, rituals and beliefs of modern witchcraft since Gerald Gardner`s influential but unpublished `Book of Shadows` triggered the revival movement in the 1950s. The authors explain what Gardner`s text actually was, how he used it, and, as far as possible, what his sources were. The book goes on to give in full the first, second and third degree initiation rites, the consecration rites, and the many non-ritual passages of the `Book of Shadows`. The rest of the book explains what the Craft is all about, covering everything from the rationale of witchcraft to reincarnation; from ethics to sex; from symbolism to spells; from astral projection to psychic healing; from clairvoyance to witchcrafts place in today`s world. Hardcover, 349  pages 28.95