Bring Back Luck Bath Oil (5 oz) 

Specially formulated to help you with your misfortune, this bath oil is a great aid for helping you find your luck again. Sprinkle a small amount into your bath waters during your ritual bath to help you bring good luck back into your life, even as you wash away the bad. This is a 5 fl oz bottle of oil, for external use only. 7.95

Wolf`s Eye

This "Wolf`s Eye" is designed to be used standing alone or as part of a more elaborate magical ritual. Whichever purpose you choose, it is intended to be of particular use for protecting against spells, curses, and other negative attentions. Some have also used it when seeking to ensure that they will have security within their job. Each packet contains one Wolf`s Eye. 9.95

Henna Kit

With a history of use for decorating the body during celebration and holidays that dates back to the Bronze Age, henna has rich spiritual traditions associating it with marriage celebrations and fertility rituals. In this kit you`ll find all you need to create this wonderful form of body art, including 1 tube of instant henna paste, 1 pouch of henna powder, henna oil, 1 wooden spoon, four henna stencils, and a sheet of instructions, explaining to you how to begin to explore and enrich your life with this ancient art. 13.95


Church Resin Incense Kit

Used within magical rites, religious worship, and otherwise treasured for their wonderful fragrance, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal have been burned as incense since at least 1500 BCE. They have appeared time and time again within various religious and magical manuscripts, leaving them still favored within modern magical practice. Within rituals and spells, they are favored for being able to help provide serenity, protection, and healing, as well as being generally considered empowerming to magical practice in general. Some use these incenses as well to improve connections to the other world, for astral travel, summoning, and communication, and historical use has shown them used frequently for consecration and exorcism. Each kit comes with a small resin incense burner, a roll of ten pieces of charcoal, and three half ounce packets that contain Frankincense, Copal, and Myrrh. 16.95

Tibetan Dragon Offering Bowl 3"

Sculpted of copper, this offering bowl is a beautiful addition to your altar or sacred space. With a smooth copper finish inside and out, it is accented by brass accents depicting elaborate scroll work at its base and around the bowl`s rim, as well as ornate dragons of a Tibetan design. Measuring approximately 3" in diameter and 1 1/2" tall, it is a wonderful place to leave your offerings. 13.95



Tibetan Prayer Wheel 12"

A traditional aspect of Tibetan meditation and prayer, the prayer wheel is traditionally used with a mantra, or prayer, to aid in seeking the deeper rewards of meditation. This particular prayer wheel consists of a container handcrafted out of copper and brass and fitted to a long, polished wood handle. This container allows you to wind your written mantra or prayer around a center spool, personalizing your meditation and prayer with the carefully written mantra. Indeed, the act of writing this prayer or mantra can be a form of meditation that is widely considered spiritually purifying all by itself.

With your mantra within, the cap is then replaced before being carefully rotated in a clockwise fashion, with the brass weight strung upon it spinning it in a clockwise rotation as you focus upon the enlightenment found within meditation. The entire piece measures approximately 11 1/2" long. 30.95


Gold Ink With Pen 1/2oz

This rarely blended ink used to be a common staple in the creation of illuminated manuscripts and other books of value. Within ritual magic it is highly valued in the creation of seals and talismans, with the value of the ink generally considered to make those signs and symbols you create that much more potent. Gold Ink is also of particular power when used to inscribe spells of money drawing and prosperity. This set comes complete with a bottle of ink and a plastic holder with a removable metal point. The bottle contains approximately 1/2 fl oz of ink.  30.95

Brazil Wood 2oz

Brazil Wood is perhaps most widely known for the beneficial qualities it can add to water. It is said that one should take a piece of Brazil Wood and place it in pure wood, keeping it in your refrigerator to drink whenever you are thirsty. In this way, Brazil Wood is thought to be highly effective in reducing the amount of sugar in your blood and removing gallstones from your kidneys.

This is a 2 oz packet of Brazil Wood. Information provided is for educational purposes and is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. 6.95


Black Destroyer Oil

Black Destroyer Oil is known as a powerful method of protection against all manner of negative energy. Use in rituals to destroy curses, hatred, resentments, envy and any evil intention towards you or your home. Directions on the bottle. 4 oz. 8.95


Pentagram Offering Bowl 3"

Beautifully sculpted from copper and highlighted with brass accents, this offering bowl has been bedecked with the ancient mystical symbol of the pentagram. Measuring approximately 3" in diameter and 1 1/4" tall, it readily fits upon any altar and can be placed before any icon for you to place your sacred offerings during holidays, daily rituals, or ceremonial magick. Its polished copper surface also makes it easy to clean and ensures that it will be a lasting piece for your sacred space. 13.95