Red Cat Candle

Taking the form of a slender and noble feline sitting upright, with the tip of her tail curling around her feet, this red, 7" cat candle very much resembles images of the Egyptian Goddess Bast, who was the goddess of cats and guardian of Egypt and her worshipers. Burn it to invoke Bast`s protection, or otherwise use it to invoke a vigorous, feline energy to aid you within your candle magic and love spells.   5.95

The San Cipriano Candle

has been named for the patron saint of Witches, Conjurers, Root Doctors, and spiritual workers. Saint Cipriano (San Cipriano in Spanish) was known for being a powerful sorcerer who consorted with demons and wrote a powerful book of spells, as well as becoming a pious Bishop of the Roman Church after converting. This red, 9 1/2" candle features the Saint`s image upon its surface, and can be used to help empower your spells and prayers through the aid of San Cipriano. 10.95

7 Lucky coins Candle

This potent jar candle Is of great use in empowering your spells of good luck. Intended to be used along with seven lucky coins, it details a ritual upon its back that will aid you in empowering seven good lucky coins to continue bringing you their blessings of good fortune where ever you go.
This 8" tall, 2 1/4" diameter jar candle comes with a small green pouch for carrying these coins. 7.95

Dragon Fire Energy Candle

With a fragrance born of inspirations from the design and artwork of Bryon Allen, this pillar candle seems to radiate energy before it is even lit. Set it within your sacred space, light the wick, and enjoy the citrus fragrances that revitalize and energize you during your meditations, rituals and spells. Each candle is handcrafted and measures approximately 7" high and 2 1/2" in diameter. 18.95

Reiki Money Candle

Handcrafted and imbued with a blend of herbal fragrances, this pillar candle has been charged with energy through the art of Reiki with the specific intention of helping you bring prosperity and wealth into your life. Burn it on your own or use it to empower your other spells of money drawing. This is a 3" diameter, 6" tall pillar candle. 20.95


Lucky Black Cat Jar Candle

This 8" tall, black cat jar candle is intended to help bring peace and luck into your life. Light it daily or in ritual use while praying or focusing upon the peace, good luck, and success that you desire to help bring it into your life. Whether you crave love, money or to simply have a little better luck in your every day, this candle is for you. 7.95

Del Retiro Candle

This 9 1/2" Del Retiro candle is designed to be used in ritual to help free yourself or another of curses, hexes, and other negative energies. Standing 1" in diameter with a sword carved into one side, it is a powerful tool in aiding those afflicted with such curses, and comes with Spanish instructions as to how to perform a powerful ritual to remove them. 10.95

Reiki Protection Candle

Light this Reiki Charged pillar candle to help create an aura of comfort and protection. Using blended scents of frankincense, rosemary, sandalwood and clove as a potent addition to the charged energies, this candle can easily help empower your spells and rituals of protection or aid you on its own. Each candle is handcrafted and measures approximately 7" high and 1 1/2" in diameter. 10.95

Adam and Eve Candle

 This powerful Jar Candle is designed to help bring love into your life. Colored in red and yellow to symbolize Adam and Eve and their fabled love, it has a place for you to write the name of the one you desire upon the candle`s jar, allowing you to focus your energies upon them as you burn the candle and speak the prayer. Repeat this once a day for seven days for best results. This candle stands 8" tall and 2 1/2" in diameter  7.95





  50 hour Jar Candle

The color of passion, warmth, and love, this red 50-hour jar candle makes for a romantic source of illumination for your home or sacred space as well as a wonderful addition to your candle magic rituals. Light it to help empower your love spells, to help bring warmth into a romance that has grown cold, or to otherwise revitalize emotion. With a burn time of over 50 hours, these candles come in 3 3/4" jars that make them easier to clean up and safer to burn than many other candles. 4.95

Different color options
Uncrossing Candle

Intended to aid you in removing curses and bad luck, this powerful candle is intended to be burned once a day, for seven days while you pray for the improved circumstances you desire. Colored white over purple, it represents the triumph of good luck over bad, and comes with optional instructions written on the jar. This candle stands 8" tall and 2 1/2" in diameter.  7.95