Composed of silver-toned, recycled solder, the body of this 4" long wand is crafted into the shape of a robed wizard, leaning upon his staff as he looks out from his perch upon a spire of rock he climbed to offer praise to the goddess. Coming to a point of carved quartz, this elegant, palm-sized wand would be a welcome addition on top of any small altar or for the practitioner on the go. 19.95
Lignum Vitae is an exceptionally powerful magical wood. Being startlingly durable and strong, with a heavy weight and impressive hardness, Lignum Vitae is so dense it can sink in water. Known by other names, including "Guayacan," Greenheart," and "Iron Wood," the name Lignum Vitae itself means "wood of life." This is perhaps due to the fact that it is well known as a powerful aid in preserving health, and can be a potent component in spells with such an intention. Its sturdy properties are also reflected in the potency it can lend to spells of protection. This pagan wand captures a traditional feel and style, measuring approximately 14" in length. Crafted by hand to reflect the natural beauty and grain of the wood, each wand will vary slightly from all others. Price: $44.95

This wand is approx 4 1/2" of copper with a crystal ball on one end and a crystal point on the other. Seven colored stones run the length of the wand, each stone corresponds to each of the body`s Chakras and aids in both physical and spiritual healing.  38.95

Long held to be a wood blessed with numerous mystical properties, perhaps in no small part due to the fact that the Ash Tree seems to attract lightning more often than other varieties of trees. For this reason, Ash is considered by many to be a formidable material when used in the creation of a wand. Flexible and strong, it is often used as a representation of the world tree, and has long seen use in spells of protection, particularly when one is looking for aid against sorcerers and conjurers. Otherwise, it is quite a handy addition to spells involving healing and the prevention of illness. While no two wands are alike, these Pagan Ash Wands present a more traditional feel and appearance, measuring in 16" in length and 1/2" to 1 1/4" in width. Each wand is sold separately. Price: $42.95

With deep red, brown, and black coloring, Hondorus Rosewood is perhaps most famous for its use in fine woodworking such as custom cabinetry and furniture, or the construction of musical instruments. Very strong and durable, Rosewood trees can grow to startling heights, with their strong branches often joining the canopy of the tropical forests in which they grow. This longevity and the rich, earthy nature of the wood lends potency to any earth-related spell that a wand crafted of Rosewood is utilized in, particularly when the spell or ritual involves woodlands and the energies that reside therein. Rosewood is also well known for being a potent aid in empowering charms and love spells. Approximately 16" in length, these traditionally styled pagan wands vary slightly in size and shape, as they are hand crafted to work with the natural grain and beauty of the wood. $44.95


The perfect tool for helping to channel your energy for healing and all manner of other purposes, the Agate Chakra Wand is a beautiful magical tool that incorporates the energetic qualities of crystals into your magic. From top to bottom it features the most exquisite examples of agate in seven colors, with each representing one of the seven chakras. Use this to help you explore your chakras and work with these wells of energy or otherwise examine, cleanse, and balance the energy of others with a renewed focus and connection.

The wand also features a faceted quartz crystal at its base, held to the agate shaft of the wand with a silver-plated filigree. This faceted crystal catches the light within a six pointed star shaped pattern that brilliantly catches the light and helps to gather the energy you seek. It is balanced by a similar such crystal at the wand`s tip, sculpted into a faceted point and affixed the agate shaft with another-silver plated filigree. Use this faceted point to direct your energies, helping you to fine tune your healing and magic to new heights.

The whole wand measures approximately 8" in length. 76.95

Held sacred by the Greeks, Norse, Druids, and the Native Americans, the oak tree was generally believed to possess potent magic among a wide range of cultures. In many cultures, the oak was very much associated with the sky and lighting, as it is frequently struck by lightning during thunderstorms. For this reason, it was generally held as sacred to gods of thunder or lightning, such as Zeus or Thor. It was also said to be lucky, and to impart magical wisdom to those who embraced it or carved a piece of oak into a magical wand.

Within these traditions, each of these oak wands is a wonderful addition to your spellcasting. Use it to channel energy and craft magic when you are seeking inspiration, wisdom, or are otherwise seeking the energized power associated with lightning and the sky. Each wand measures approximately 15" in length and has been only lightly finished so as to leave the beautiful, original grain of the wood fully visible. As each wand is a unique creation, please allow for slight variances in size.42.95

 Willow is a wood long associated with mysticism and magic, and is associated by many with a wide range of magical qualities. The flexible, mystical wood is particularly famed for being associated with death, as well as being commonly linked to magic involving the moon. Within these two facets, it can be a powerful addition in spells intended to guard against evil or in aiding those that are seeking to conjure spirits, as well aiding in spells that involve love and healing. Each traditionally styled pagan wand is handcrafted, and measures approximately 16" in length and 1/2" to 1" wide, though each will vary as they are crafted to flow with the natural grain and beauty of the wood. 42.95

Magic wands have been ritual tools used to direct magical energy and power within spells and rituals for thousands of years. The Copper Angel wand has been specifically crafted to aid you in channeling energy to aid in summoning angels, or channeling their power within your magic.

To aid with this end, it has been capped on one end with a quartz stone that has been sculpted into the form of a winged angel with its hands clasped before it in prayer. From this, the wand`s shaft is a simple, unadorned stretch of copper. This then terminates in a multifaceted quartz point which has been carefully carved with multiple diamond shaped facets so as to create a rounded prism effect, culminating in a delicate point.

Quartz is well known for its ability to store and otherwise help direct and control energy, while copper is believed to be a potent conductor to magical energies as well. Combining these two potent energy conductors makes for a powerful ritual tool indeed. The entire piece measures approximately 6 1/2" long, fitting comfortably in your palm.  52.95

Known for its sap (which is used to produce Maple Syrup), and the firing red and golden color of its leaves in the fall, Maple has long been known as a tree of enchantment and romance. In ritual, this wand can aid in generating abundance or stirring imagination, but is perhaps most famously utilized in the working of love spells and the blessing of long life for children. This rustic wand is hand crafted, and measures approximately 13"-16" in length and 1/2" to 1" wide, with the size varying slightly as each wand is crafted to draw upon the natural curves and knots inherent in the wood. 27.95