Using artwork by Michele Penco and Pierluca Zizzi, the
2012 Tarot of Ascension brings you the 78 life-changing cards of the Arcana and a comprehensive guide to aid you in learning to use them. The end of the world as we know it, as it is foretold, is said to be a gateway to profound transformation. As each soul reawakens, all of humanity will ascend. This brilliant deck taps into that philosophy, seeking to aid you in discovering this path to ascension. 22.95

Inspired by the chivalrous legends that have filled so many of our hearts, the Avalon Tarot explores the Arthurian tales with vivid artwork by Joseph Viglioglia. Filled with magical and mysterious charm, each work depicts a scene or character of legend as applied to one of 22 Major Arcana or one of the 56 Minor Arcana. As you lay out your spread, you will divine from scenes depicting the legendary Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, and so much more. Coming with the deck of cards is a small booklet of instructions that will help you learn how to read the cards, lay out your spread, and explore your Tarot divination with these wonderfully illustrated scenes. If you`ve ever admired and enjoyed the stories of these figures of legend, this deck will provide you with a fascinating new perspective on Tarot.  22.95

The Secret Tarot is inspired by the concealed face of life, in which is hidden every secret. Turn over the cards and reveal the secrets you wish to unlock in your exploration of the Tarot. Each figure displayed upon the cards seems to take you into their confidence, dispelling mystery and offering to you the answers to the problems before you. Lay out a tarot spread and explore, using the Secret Tarot Deck to unlock new power within your divination.

The deck contains the 78 cards of the traditional arcana and a small instructional pamphlet. 22.95

Filled with fantastic imagery of sorcerers and sorceresses, the Sorcerer`s Tarot is a fantastic tool for divination filled with classic symbolism and occult meaning that is used to create a world of Magicians and magic. Delve into its cards and find a wealth of spectacular inspiration, perfect for Wiccans, magicians, sorcerers and magical practitioners of all traditions and paths. This deck includes art by Atonella Castelli and a small instructional pamphlet.  22.95

Created to aid you in providing daily guidance and clarifying specific issues in your life, this deck features 54 inspirational cards that feature the illuminating words and beautiful illustrations of Toni Carmine Salerno.

Whether you are looking inward, and trying to discover truths about yourself or relationships you might be in, or are seeking answers about the past, present or future, this deck of cards can aid you in finding wisdom and answers. Simply think of a question, one or many cards, and see what messages the oracle has to offer. 19.95



The Animals Divine Tarot is perfect for divination, meditation, and dream work. The seventy-eight intricate illustrations by acclaimed fantasy artist Lisa Hunt retain the structure of a traditional deck, adding layers of myth and symbols specific to each card`s meaning and each animal`s unique place in nature and myth. Take a spirit walk on the wild side as you work with the powerful cards of the Animal Divine Tarot. Though we may sometimes forget that humans are also animals, we have never lost our connection to the wild. In ancient myths and modern dreams, animals are powerful symbols and guides, helping us reconnect with the divine power inherent in the world.


This set includes a 216 page instructional book, the Animal Divine Tarot Deck, and an organdy tarot bag. 24.95

The Bach flowers oracle deck is a is a fascinating study of the powers of flowers. Following the studies of Edward Bach, who intuitively explored and discovered the healing properties of various flowering plants in a life-long quest to discover the ways in which his fellow man could heal themselves. Using the flowers that he discovered to be most important for this purpose, it creates a system of discover that can help you intuitively understand the puzzles of life and help you heal the woes that you experience. Draw a card, and discover how they can recognize your mood and help you find your own well being. This set comes with a large introductory book and a 38 card deck.24.95

Donald Tyson strikes again with another innovative tribute to renowned occult writer H. P. Lovecraft. Tysons trilogy of worksinspired by the magical adventures of the mad sorcerer Abdul Alhazredachieves brilliant completion with Necronomicon Tarot. Gruesome gods, sinister monsters, and other strange creatures lurk throughout this fully functional tarot deck. All seven rulers of the Old Ones from Tysons Necronomicon star among the decks trumps, including the great amphibian deity Dagon as the Hierophant and the ancient witch Ithakuah as the Hermit. The symbolism of these vividly illustrated cards corresponds with astrology, the elements, and the Golden Dawn, while the decks structure honors the boundaries of traditional tarot. The enclosed book features detailed descriptions of the cards and the meaning for both upright and reversed positions. Tyson also offers divination guidance and a special divination spread.  27.95

Sibilla Oracle cards were a popular tool for divination in France in the 18th and 19th centuries. They are a regular deck of playing cards with the usual four suits, but they also show scenes from the daily life of the time. These and a short descriptive phrase illustrate each card`s meaning. In this deck the playing card symbol is shown in the upper left corner. The meaning is given in four languages - Italian and French at the top and English and German at the bottom. Each of the 52 cards is numbered in the upper right corner. The Sibilla Oracle cards often have precise meanings - such as "Wedding" or "Trip to the Country" - which make them fun to explore for guidance in everyday affairs. The small 6-page instruction sheet describes how to use the cards. 12.95