Haitian Vodou love magic by Kenaz Filan

Haitian Vodou, like other folk traditions, is an eminently practical craft. Vodou practitioners see their relationship with the lwa--the spirits honored in Haitian Vodou--as mutually beneficial rather than one-sided. In return for sincere offerings, the lwa are happy to provide protection and support in dealing with life`s problems--which more often than not concern love.

In Vodou Love Magic, Kenaz Filan details the myriad aspects of love and sex governed by the different lwa and explains what services each can provide in attaining fulfilling relationships--and who will likely offer the best wisdom for your needs. If you are having trouble meeting people, Legba`s Opening the Door spell can resolve this difficulty. If you wish more fire in a relationship, then you should work with the warrior spirit Papa Ogou. Filan presents easy-to-follow instructions for numerous love spells and also reveals how the lwa offer counsel for dealing with ending relationships, toxic behavior patterns like codependency, or romantic triangles.

Vodou Love Magic does not provide a magic genie who will fulfill every wish, but it does offer access to a team of spirits who can help transform dreams into realities.

This is a 188 page softcover book. 14.95

Marie Laveau Love Oil

This oil, inspired by the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, is intended to help empower your love spells and otherwise bring love into your life. Use it as an anointing oil within your ritual magic or otherwise sprinkle it within your love spells to bring the one that you desire, or the love that you need, into your life.

This is a 1 oz (29.5 ml) bottle of anointing oil, for external use only.  4.95

Vodou Shaman by Ross Heaven

Providing practical exercises drawn from all aspects and stages of the Vodou tradition, Vodou Shaman shows readers how to contact the spirit world and communicate with the loa (the angel-like inhabitants of the Other World), the ghede (the spirits of the anceshttp://glassdragon.theshoppe.com/cgi-bin/util/fm/voodoo.htmltors), and djabs (nature spirits for healing purposes). The author examines soul journeying and warrior-path work in the Vodou tradition and looks at the psychological principles that make them effective. The book also includes exercises to protect the spiritual self by empowering the soul, with techniques of soul retrieval, removing evil spirits and negative energies, overcoming curses, and using the powers of herbs and magical baths.

This is a 284 page trade softcover book. 16.95

Black & White Magic By Marie by Laveau

 Marie This book has been used for many years by those who want to have clear usable information. It contains explicit instruction on how to use roots, oils, powders, candles, herbs, and incense. It further includes many rituals useful in a troubled life. paperback 64 pgs. Price: $6.95

Voodoo Handbook of Cult Secrets by Anna Riva

This small concise volume includes information on Black magic, Serpent worship, Ceremonial rites, Spells, possession, unhexing, and White magic among many other things. The book also teaches you how to use herbs, roots, oils, powers, stones and many other items commonly used in the Voodoo tradition. Paperback, 48 pages Price: $6.95


Haitian Vodou  $$ magic by Kenaz Filan

Haitian Vodou is a very practical and formulaic craft: either you please the spirits and get results or you don`t, often for good reason. The Iwa, the spirits honored in Haitian Vodou, know that it is far more useful to find out exactly what is causing your money woes rather than receiving a quick fix.

Vodou Money Magic Kenaz filan offers a path to long-lasting and pervasive changes in your financial situation. Filan describes the Iwa who govern financial matters and explains what services each can provide in attaining wealth or finding a fulfilling career, and who will likely offer the best wisdom for your needs. If you are having trouble finding a job, Legba`s perusing the Want Ads spell can resolve this difficulty. If you wish to curb impulse spending, then you should work with the Great Serpet Domballah. If you need emergency financial assistance, Mama Danto ist here to help. Filan presents easy-to follow instructions for numerous financial spells and also reveals how the Iwa offer council for family burdens, getting along with coworkers, and planning your future.

This is a 212 page soft cover book.  16.95


Ana Riva's Snake Oil

Traditionally associated with a wide range of mystical properties, the snake is a powerful magical symbol that has inspired Anna Riva`s Snake Oil. The guile of the serpent is said to aid you if you use this snake oil to swing decisions your way in court cases, and when used in a variety of candle magic Snake Oil is said to empower your spells of money drawing. You may also use it to alternately use within your spells of healing or use it to empower your voodoo curses with the intent of causing misfortune to your enemies.46.95

 The Haitian Vodou Handbook by Kenaz Filan

In The Haitian Vodou Handbook, Kenaz Filan, an initiate of the Socit la Belle Venus, presents a working guide to the proper methods of interacting with the full Vodou pantheon, explaining how to build respectful relationships with the lwa, the spirits honored in Haitian Vodou, and how to transform the fear that often surrounds the Vodou religion.

Until recently, the Haitian practice of Vodou was often identified with devil worship, dark curses, and superstition. Some saw the saint images and the Catholic influences and wrote Vodou off as a Christian aberration. Others were appalled by the animal sacrifices and the fact that the Houngans and Mambos charge money for their services. Those who sought Vodou because they believed it could harness evil forces were disappointed when their efforts to gain fame, fortune, or romance failed and so abandoned their voodoo fetishes. Those who managed to get the attention of the lwa, often received cosmic retaliation for treating the spirits as attack dogs or genies, which only further cemented Vodous stereotype as dangerous.

Filan offers extensive background information on the featured lwa, including their mythology and ancestral lineage, as well as specific instructions on how to honor and interact fruitfully with those that make themselves accessible. This advice will be especially useful for the solitary practitioner who doesnt have the personal guidance of a societ available. Filan emphasizes the importance of having a quickened mind that can read the lwas desires intuitively in order to avoid establishing dogma-based relationships. This working guide to successful interaction with the full Vodou pantheon also presents the role of Vodou in Haitian culture and explores the symbiotic relationship Vodou has maintained with Catholicism.

This is a 283 page trade softcover book.18.95

Voodoo and Hoodoo by Jim Haskins

Voodoo Men, Hoodoo women, and root doctors say they know how to use eggs; graveyard dust; forks in the road; the numbers 3, 7, and 9; pins and nails; red flannel bags, yellow homespun; urine, feces, and blood; shoes and clothing; black cats and black hens; doorsteps; and the interior and exterior corners of houses to conjure good and to conjure evil. Voodoo and Hoodoo tells how these spiritual descendents of African medicine men and sorcerers "lay tricks" and work their magic, and explains the hold these practices have had on their believers from the Old World origins until today. 16.95