Healing Craft by Farrar/ Farrar/ Bone

The Healing Craft is the first book to present such a wide spectrum of healing arts especially for Witches and Pagans. Highlights include: The History of Healing Within Paganism & Witchcraft The Aura & The Chakras Astrology & Healing Healing Sanctuaries Healing Wells & Springs The Healing Gods & Goddesses Healing With Magic Holistic Massage The Tarot & Divination Shamanistic Healing Herbalism Past-Life Regression Therapy The Physical Body & The Mind Paperback 268, pgs. 15.95


Shamanic Witch by Gail Wood

Shamanic practice seeks healing and wisdom from realms that overlap the everyday world. The use of plant and animal medicines, vision quests, trance work, and ceremonies to heal one`s self and others are the foundations of shamanism. So too, Wicca and witchcraft use the magic and medicine of plants, animals, and other realms. By learning to incorporate the practices of shamanism, the witch can enhance his or her natural abilities as healer and creator of positive change.

The Shamanic Witch outlines the many similarities between the art of shamanism and the craft of the Witch and explores how the overlapping of these two traditions can be used to enhance one`s practice. Where witchcraft brings the belief and religion, Shamanism brings the skills. Sections include: Understanding the World of the shaman, Creatures and Spirits of Other Realms, Developing a Shamanic Practice, The Toolkit of the Shamanic Practitioner, The Realms of the Witch, and Melding Worlds: Becoming the Witch-Shaman.

This is a 244 page softcover book. 16.95

High Magic Theory and Practice by Frater U D

Knowledge is power. It`s true. And when it comes to magic, the more you know, the more successful you will become. This book provides you with a thorough introduction to magical theory along with proven and useful exercises and spells designed to enhance and expand your magical abilities.

Often called ceremonial or ritual magic, high magic incorporates occult and esoteric knowledge from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome as well as medieval Judaism and Christianity. This stream of knowledge has been practiced by diverse magical groups including the Freemasons, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Ordo Tepi Orientis, as well as luminaries such as W.B. Yeats, Aleister Crowley, and Kenneth Anger.

Respected magician and author Frater U D is an adept with decades of experience in the theory and practice of high magic. Novice and even advanced magicians will find many magical gems inside, and those familiar with occult theory will appreciate his practical perspective on many key magical topics, including:

  • Money Magic
  • Chaos magic
  • Trance Work
  • Planetary and Sigil magic

The techniques presented in this text, practiced regularly with diligence and dedication, provide the basis for a lifetime of truly magical experiences.

This is a 422 page soft cover book. 31.95

Follow the Shaman's call by Mike Williams

This evocative experimental guide reveals how you can immediately begin to transform your life by following the path of the shaman. Author Mike Williams, PH.D., presents hands-on exercises and engaging true stories from decades of shamanic practice and academic study into ancient European traditions.

Once you understand the powerful forces of the unseen world, you`ll learn how to apply the knowledge to your own life in a variety of practical ways: predicting the future and understanding the past, using dreamwork to find answers to problems, and clearing your house of negativity. You`ll discover how to find your power animal and meet your spirit guides, journey to the otherworlds for healing and self-empowerment, and live in harmony with the world.

This is a 251 page soft-cover book. 16.95


Veritable Key of Solomon by Skinner/ Rankine

The Key of Solomon is the most famous and infamous of the Grimoires ever produced. Yet amazingly, only one version of it has ever been published, by S L MacGregor Mathers, over 100 years ago. What Mathers may not have known is that there were much more detailed and complete versions of this grimoire available in many other languages.

This is not just a variant of Mathers` text, but a translation of three completely different and beautifully illustrated 1796 French manuscripts of the Key of Solomon. These are the most beautiful and complete manuscripts of the Key of Solomon ever published. Much of the detail omitted from Mathers` edition is given here, providing a complete and workable system of high magic with full details of implements, procedures, and a wide range of talismans. Much material not available to Mathers is also found in this extraordinary book, including planetary prayers, names of angels and demons, and a vast array of pentacles , as well as material on Olympic Spirits, Planetary Spirits, and Intelligences.

The commentary by two of the best known scholar-magicians provides much additional material, a full survey of the extant manuscripts of this famous grimoire and how they relate to each other, as well as the historical influence of the Key of Solomon on the development of magic from the Renaissance til now.

The pentacles as drawn by Fyot, the original scribe, are reproduced here, with more than twice as many pentacles as were produced in Mathers` text.

The Key of Solomon is the most significant magical grimoire ever penned, certainly for the period from the sixteenth through to the nineteenth century. This present work finally restores the Key of Solomon back to its place at the heart of practical Western magic



The Goddess in the Details by Deborah Blake

From the hearth to the altar, make magic in every moment. Being a Witch isn`t limited to casting a spell under the full moon or consecrating a ritual circle. Whether you`re calling the Goddess or doing the dishes, your wonderfully witchy ways are woven into everything you do. With her signature down-to-earth wisdom and warmth, Deborah Blake takes you into the heart of what it means to be a Witch all day, every day. Filled to the brim with practical suggestions, spells, and helpful advice, his essential book brings to light all facets of a modern Witch`s life: The seven core beliefs of Witches; Mindful eating and health; Creating sacred space at home; Relationships with non-Pagans; Sex and the Single Witch; Raising Pagan children; and Solitary and coven practicing; Green Living. These facets of everyday Witchy life and more show up in this wonderful 225 page book. 16.95


High Magic II

Theory and Practice by Frater U D

Europe`s best-known mage and contemporary occult author, Frater U D shares his extensive magical expertise in the companion volume to his highly acclaimed High Magic. Previously unavailable in English, High Magic II has been eagerly awaited by ceremonial magicians, mages, andHermetic practicioners.

This comprehensive guide explores a variety of magical topics: mirror magic, sigil magic, shamanism, magical orders, mudras, folk magic, and divination, all in a modern, non-dogmatic way. The book`s integrated, progressive approach is designed to help the reader develop a holistic understanding of the underlying magical theories and a true mastery of the magical techniques. Themes in the text recur, focusing on different aspects of core topics but taking the reader further along each time, using the format proven effective in High Magic.

High Magic II also delves into magic and yoga, magic in the Bible, the Kabbalah, forms of initiation, and the magic of ancient eGypt and the late Hellensistic period. Many provocative practices are addressed, including demonic magic and combat magic. Some of the techniques have never before appeared in an English-Language book.

This is a 464 page soft cover book.   31.95 

The Compendium Maleficarum by Francesco Maria Guazzo


This extraordinary document, considered one of the most important manuals ever compiled on witchcraft, offers striking insight into the early 17th century mind and society`s attempts to cope with the evils it saw manifested in sorcery. A collection of writings by the Ambrosian monk Francesco Maria Guazzo, the Compendium comprehensively and penetratingly describes the entire practice and profession of witchcraft. First published in 1608, the commentaries came at an appropriate time. Contemporary accounts noted that witchcraft and sorcery had "spread in all directions," leaving "no country, town, village, or district, no class of society" free from the practice. This probing work, by a distinguished writer and scholar who perceived the devil as an evil force seeking to destroy men`s bodies and souls, was an attempt to help man live piously and devoutly, thus guarding against such seductions and manipulations. reproduced from a rare limited edition published in 1929 and supplemented with may erudite editorial notes by Reverend Montague Summers, the Compendium Maleficarum includes profoundly serious discussions of witches` pacts with the devil, finely detailed descriptions of witches` powers, poisons and crimes ; sleep-inducing spells and methods for removing them, apparitions of demons and specters, diseases caused by demons, and other topics. Also examined in detail are witches` alleged powers to transport themselves from place to place, create living things, make beasts talk and the dead reappear; witches` use of religion to heal the sick, laws observed by witches to cause and cure illness, differences between demoniacs and the bewitched, and other subjects from the realm of the supernatural. Here is an encyclopedic tract of incalculable worth to the historian and student of the occult and anyone intrigued by necromantic lore, sabbats, sorceries and trafficking with demons. 13.95

The Alchemy of Sexual Chemistry by Mantak Chia

Using Taoists consider our sexual energy to be the creative force that we can use to regenerate the body`s internal energy, but we must learn how to harness excess sexual energy and transform it into chi, or life-force energy. When we circulate the sexual energy in the Microcosmic Orbit, a continuous energy loop that runs up the spine and down the front of the body, we transform it into self-healing energy that can be stored in the organs and the three tan tiens: energy centers in the brain, the heart center, and the lower abdomen. The Alchemy of Sexual Energy shows how to transform this sexual energy into internal healing energy, building upon the Microcosmic Orbit practices discussed in Healing Light of the Tao. The more we open the flow of our internal energy the more capable we are of connecting to the cosmic energy that exists outside ourselves in the universe. By learning to open the three tan tiens to the six directions, the Taoist practitioner combines mind power with the extensions of chi to draw cosmic energy into the body. This energy, too, can be stored in the three tan tiens and used as needed for healing. When we learn to flow in this way with the energy of the Tao, life ceases to be a struggle. This is a 214 page soft cover book. 19.95