Scrying is the art of foretelling the future or the unknown by looking into an object. Our black scrying mirrors come with a plain silver edging & pentagram. Approx. 6" dia. pentagram scrying mirror
Price: $82.95

This heavy weight pewter pendant presents a front surface that is engraved with a pentagram, surrounded in a circle of Theban runes, A to Z. With the circle and the star rising above the black back ground, this alone makes a lovely and deeply mystical necklace. However, on the back you will also find the rich, black scrying disc of a sweeping, smooth convex design crafted from black onyx and polished to a mirror finish. This pendant is made of lead-free pewter and hangs approximately 1 1/8" in diameter, and comes with a black satin cord.  42.95






A handsome black scrying mirror on clear glass with finished edges for the Celtic Seer. Pewter colored Celtic Zoomorphic birds & copper colored Celtic knot designs circle the scrying area. A display stand is not included with this divinatory tool. It measures 8" square. 47.95






Scrying mirrors are a tool of divination that have been used for centuries and cultures, with variations ranging from bowls of water and reflecting pools to sheets of black obsidian. Within their depths, with proper meditation and focus, it is possible to gaze into the past, future, and realms of the spirit and find the answer that you seek to the questions that plague you.

This scrying mirror is designed specifically to be used as a sacred tool within your endeavors to find answers. Resting 8" in diameter, it is made of polished black glass that offers a faintly reflective surface that seems to draw you in and hold your attention as you gaze into its depths. Better yet, this mirror offers a hard-to-find concave surface, with the sides rising in a gentle slope above its center in a way that only enhances its endless depths. This makes it fantastic for use with other ritual materials, such as anointing oils and holy waters. 50.95



Used in a wide range of traditions, this black scrying mirror is most commonly used within divination magic, where a Seer can gaze within to catch glimpses of the future and the answers to the mysteries laid out before you. Some practitioners also use them in the invocation and evocation of spirits of all sorts, using the black mirror to aid in seeing and communicating with these spirits. This particular mirror stands 6" in diameter and does not include a display stand. 28.95
Handmade Scrying Mirror, black 11" dia Beautiful round black scrying mirror, made with reflective black glass decorated with red glass jewels along the outer edge. Display stand not included. 11" dia. Handmade Scrying Mirror
Price: $46.95

A fantastic altar piece, this offering bowl features a silver plated design that is elegant in its simplicity. Its outer surface is decorated only with simple, beveled pattern around the edge of the 2 1/2" diameter base that then tapers in to a short, narrow stem that raises the bowl up like a chalice. The bowl then flares out wide, reaching its full 3 3/4" diameter at the mouth. The whole of the piece stands approximately 3" tall at its highest point.

Decorating the inner surface is a simple engraving of a Celtic triquetra, representing Mind, Body, and Spirit or the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Set within the silvery, mirrored surface it makes for the perfect accent to scrying efforts, or just perfect for the offerings you make within your ritual magick. 25.95

Fill this 6" diameter black marble bowl with a shallow pool of water and gaze deep into its recesses to gain insight into the future. The ancient Greeks & Nostradamus used scrying bowls filled with water or black ink to gain vision and obtain prophecies of the future. This scrying bowl is 2" tall from its rim to the bottom edge. 25.95
  Sculpted of brass, this little device is the perfect complement to your scrying mirror. With a stand that flips out on a hinge, the stand offers an ornate design. With an almost antiqued feel, it portrays flowing vines and flowers that form an elaborate framework in patterns that seem almost serpentine, or draconic. Measuring approximately 5 1/2" tall and 3 1/4" wide, the piece can easily hold most scrying mirrors, supporting them so that you can gaze into its surface naturally in meditation, without having to look down as it lays flat. 12.95