Magic Candle, Facts & Fundamentals by Charmaine Dey

Candle burning is a psychic and psychological experience, and may compliment your particular faith by arranging your rituals to blend into it. You need not do anything which you feel is inharmonious with your personal beliefs, as there are countless alternatives. There are numerous authorities and traditions which attempt to tell you precisely what to do in each type of candle burning ritual or spell, but few attempt to explain the reasons why it must be just so. The actual reason is because that is what works best for them, but does it mean anything to you? The one basic, simple fact we can feel sure of is that the act of burning candles does indeed cause an altered state of awareness, producing changes in circumstances. The important thing is to pour a part of yourself into each spell. This book will teach you what you need to know to succeed with candle burning. 62 pages. 9.95

The Master book of Candleburning.

In this new revised edition the author attempts to aid the reader in the art of candle burning to bring the most satisfaction and consolation in the endeavor. Some historical and other data are included to better illustrate the symbolism involved in modern candle burning. The modern rituals outlined in the book are based on practices which have been described by mediums, spiritual advisors, evangelists, and others who should be in a position to know. All the candle burning rituals include a Psalm best suited to the purpose you want to achieve, whether it is to find love, attain money, stop slander, overcome an enemy, or countless others. 106 pgs. 10.95

 Practical Candle Burning Rituals by Ray Buckland

 is great for doing any type ritual he has mentioned. It also is two sided giving you a Christian version for non-Witches and a Pagan side for Witches/ Wiccans/ Pagans to use. The directions are easy to follow and if you follow the directions that he has set for timing, moon phases, and use the appropriate colors your spell should work for you. This is a great reference book, especially for the appropriate colors and altar layouts for candle spells. The way Buckland has written this book is what works for him there is no law that says you can not improvise your own words into the rituals he has written to make them work for you. Excellent book with easy rituals and great results! Paperback, 210 pages 9.95



Advanced Candle Magic by Ray Buckland

he authors first book on candle magick, Practical Candleburning Rituals, is the classic text on candle magick. This book picks up where the previous left off, taking you to the next level in the art of candle magick. The new rituals presented are powerful methods that go beyond simple spells. Here are new tools for the more advanced student of magick - presented in everyday language. Loaded with valuable tips, expert advice, and answers to the most commonly asked questions about magick, this book is an indispensable addition to anyone's magickal library. Paperback, 265 pgs. 13.95

Ancient Wisdom, Master Grimoire by Pat Sawyer

 Pat The Master Grimoire A sorceror`s best friend. The definitive compendium of herbs, oils, and incenses for ritual ingredients, baths, tinctures, perfumes, sachets. Magickal applications include candle magick technique and annointing oil, powders, potions, floorwashes, talismans, charms and enchantments. A treasure trove from across time across magickal paths including esoteric oral traditions, and Mystery Schools. Paperback 286 pgs. 28.95

Candle Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster

If you`ve ever blown out a birthday candle and made a wish, you`ve practiced candle magic. It`s a simple, fun way to manifest your desires and make your dreams come true. This highly practiced art is used by people of all faiths and requires no previous experience. Soft cover 244 pgs. 12.95

Candle Magic by Phillip Cooper

Candle energy is magical energy; probably the simplest, most direct and effective magic you can work. The author firmly believes that you must learn a few basic techniques and begin some inner work before you can effectively practice magic. He teaches the power of visualization, explains how to choose candles, and describes planetary correspondences so you can harness the correct energy for any endeavor. Paperback, 154 pgs. Cooper, Phillip 16.95

Using Candle Burning to contact your personal Guardian Angel by William Alexander Oribello

He has taught people from all walks of life how to improve themselves in every way through the application of the Mystical Sciences. Having begun his work as a child, it is said he communed with the Ascended Masters of Wisdom, the Space Federation, and living adepts of the Sacred Magickal Knowledge, through which he gained his knowledge of spirituality and used it to enrich his life as well as that of many others.

Here, with an introduction from famed spiritualist Gianna Tessman, who herself is said to have had contact with angelic beings, we find Reverend Oribello`s book on how to contact and commune with angels.

Topics covered include:

  • The Third Kingdom
  • Wisdom
  • Positive Contacts with Candles
  • Ritual Bath
  • "Cleaning" a Location
  • Your Personal Angel
  • Message from Archangel Michael
  • Immortality Obtained
  • Archangels
  • The Archangels of the Planets
  • Master Teacher Angels
  • Angels of the Spirit World
  • The Greatest Little Known Secret about Angels
  • Visit From an Angel
  • Angel of Protection
  • And much more!

This is a 96 page soft cover book, in special limited edition.