Commonly known in science as Potassium Nitrate, Salt Petre is a naturally occurring source of Nitrogen. Perhaps most famed for being a component in Black Powder, it was also used in the slow matches used to fire the early matchlock firearms, as well as the old myth that it can be used to cause impotence. Indeed, many rumors abound that Salt Petre can be used by the military upon soldiers to render them impotent (presumably to keep their mind on the fight), or by jealous wives with suspicions of unfaithful husbands. It is also well known within religious and spiritual communities, and has been seen as an aid in curses or in spells that are intended to keep men from staying. Within this some traditions, it has also been used in exorcism rituals, and purification rites.

Despite the old myth that salt petre can render impotence, newer studies have shown that there is some evidence that it can combat high blood pressure. Studies have also shown that salt petre possesses no chemical properties that induce impotence.

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White Willow Bark

Used for thousands of years, White Willow (or Salix alba in Latin) bark has long been recognized as a powerful aid in medical treatments and mystical ritual. The ancient physician Hippocrates, who wrote in 400 BC, even spoke of chewing it to reduce fever and inflammation. Its use extended into China and ancient Egypt and Assyria, as well where its healing properties were also recognized for centuries, often as an aid against all varieties of aches and pains. In the mid ages it was applied to fever as well. In many mystic and spiritual traditions, it is also associated with the moon, and trying to bring the moon`s blessings into your life. In this it has also been applied to spells of healing and binding.

Today, White Willow bark is primarily used in the treatment of pain. It actually contains salica, which was used in the 1800s to develop aspirin, and numerous other compounds believed to aid in treating similar issues as Aspirin, such as headaches, fever, and inflammation. While slower to act than taking an aspirin, its effects seem to last longer. Some herbalists also claim that White Willow bark can be used for its antiseptic qualities, and even immune boosting properties.

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Sulfur Powder has been known in its natural form since the 6th century BC among in China. With the evolution of traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Taoists began to experiment in using it in their treatments and understanding of the world. Reference was also found from a later Song Dynasty Military Treatise, which speaks of many different formulas in which Sulfur Powder was used to create Black Powder which was in turned used in warfare. In Europe, Sulfur was valued highly enough to be given its own Alchemical Symbol, consisting of a triangle at the top of a cross. It was also well known as Brimstone, a word derived from biblical texts, and was often associated with damnation and hell. Spiritual traditions exist around Sulfur as well, depicting it as a powerful aid in preventing hexes or destroying an enemy`s power over you.

Herbalists and folk lore predating modern science holds sulfur powder to be a potent medical skin treatment. For this purpose it was usually used in the creation of a cream which was intended to alleviate psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

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Acai Berry Powder


Found within the Brazilian Amazon, from trees that grow along the Amazon River, Acai berry, or are a popular and seedy, grape-like fruit that have been used for quite some time among the native people of Brazil. More recently, Acai berries have come to the attention of the general public within a hotly debated discussion over its numerous qualities, as experts, herbalists, and dietitians have widely made claims that it can increase personal energy while improving sleep, improve digestion, improve circulation and heart health, help achieve healthier skin, and even help prevent certain forms of cancer. All in all, these claims make it quite the cure-all.

Common in juices, pills, and powder form, the truth behind Acai Berry is still up to debate. It does however contain Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, which have been proven to help reduce the risk of some varieties of cancer. It is also said to contain beta sitosterol, which is said to promote urinary and prostate health, and may possibly be useful in the treatment of certain kinds of cancer. Further study has also revealed numerous amino acids which are generally believed to be good for improving muscle regeneration, endurance, strength, and development, which can be quite useful in working out and helping the muscles of the heart. Generally, these known qualities leave Acai Berry, in its various forms, as a well received supplement.

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Also known as Catmint and its Latin name of Nepeta Cataria, Catnip is actually the broad name for over 250 flowering species of plants that belong to the genus of Nepeta. Originally from Mediterranean regions, Catnip has since become common throughout North America, and is famous for the effects it has on cats. In two thirds of all cats, catnip induces a state of euphoria, often resulting in them acting rather off the wall and crazy, frequently in manners that are entirely impossible to predict. The remaining third of cats are actually completely immune to this effect, and have no observed reaction to the herb. Interestingly, some people also experience a much milder version of this euphoria, and it is sometimes employed in spiritual and magickal purposes to help find this state of mind or help forge a psychic bond with animals.

Today, it is most commonly found in cat toys around the world, but catnip tea has also been found to be quite beneficial in treating colds, fevers, and other infections. Some studies also suggest that it is soothing for upset stomachs and may possibly be helpful in preventing morning sickness in pregnant women. Catnip has also been shown to be employed successfully in a mosquito repellant when applied to the skin in a variety of lotions and ointments.

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White Sage

Also known as Salvia Alpine, Bee Sage, or Sacred Sage, white sage has a long history of being revered for medicinal practices, and has long been viewed as possessing many virtues believed to aid in maintaining general well being. It is perhaps better known though for the spiritual practices that revolve around it, particularly the spiritual art of smudging. In this practice, white sage is usually the preferred herb used to bundle up into a long stick or wand. One end is then lit to smolder slowly, as the smudging stick is then used in ceremonial offering, or in rituals of cleansing, purification, and protection. This tradition, born of Native American beliefs, is said to keep away evil spirits and negative energies, and has been adapted to the practices of many neopagan traditions. Within these practices, the uses often extend to seeking prosperity, fertility and longevity, and are sometimes used in rituals of money drawing, banishing, or consecration.

Herbalists often speak of the medicinal properties that White Sage possesses aiding in decreasing sweating and salivation. It is also said to aid in ailments of the nose and throat and lungs by decreasing the mucus secretions of the sinuses. It is sometimes also used in a cold tea as a tonic for stomach ailments, or in look warm tea for soothing away the pain of a sore throat. The leaves of white sage have also been said to be of great use for treating heavy menstruation, though it should be noted that this can sometimes decrease lactation.

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Red Rose Petals

Used by man throughout history, Red Rose Buds have seen numerous mentions in the texts of the ancients as well as more modern scholars. Horace and Pliny write of the fable that the deep crimson rose sprang from the blood of Adonis, a venerated god of the Greek Pantheon. Later, Romans used roses lavishly, strewing them upon floors and floating them in wine. Brides and Grooms were crowned with roses, as were the religious icons of Cupid, Venus and Bacchus. And from this, perhaps, was born the long standing association of these red buds with spells and rituals of love, happiness, and plenty, for which they are used often in many traditions to this day. Among the Romans, and in other cultures, the buds and petals were also scattered at the feet of the victors, making it a powerful symbol for overcoming obstacles and achieving one`s goals.

Herbalists of the modern area sometimes use rose buds to treat headache and dizziness. Other applications have seen them used in the treatment of mouth sores, as well as a tonic that is said to be soothing for the heart and the nerves. Others still claim that using rose buds can be an effective treatment for menstrual cramps as well.

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possessing the latin name of Angelica Archangelica, is also known under the common names of Garden Angelica, or the Root of the Holy Ghost and its virtues have long been praised in folklore, dating back into ages of great antiquity. It was used during times of plague to protect against contagion and illness, and was used as an aid in purifying blood and was described by some as a "cure for every conceivable malady," though it was chiefly used against poison, infections, and the spread of the plague. Angelica also came to be heavily associated with Angels and divinity, perhaps in part because it tends to bloom around the same time of the day of Michael the Archangel, casting it into a holy light. In this view, it was frequently used to keep evil spirits away and protect against curses, evil spells, and cruel enchantments.

More frequently these days, it is used as a remedy for colds, coughs, rheumatism, and diseases of the urinary track, and some would worn those with diabetes away from it as it possesses a high sugar content. Though it is widely known for these properties, it is more commonly utilized as an expectorant for coughs and a diaphoretic for fevers. Slipping away from holistic medicine, it is perhaps most widely known for its use in flavoring liqueurs, jams, and other such things.

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Jasmine, whose name is derived from the Persian word "yasmin," meaning Gift from God, is quite commonly cultivated in gardens and as a houseplant. Revered for its fragrance, it is also quite well known for the fact that its flowers open their petals at night. In China, it is used for tea, often with a green or oolong tea base. It can take hours to absorb the fragrance and flavor into the water, and the process is repeated as many as seven times for the highest quality of teas. In the Philippines, it is used to create a garland that is used to adorn and decorate religious images while in other parts of Asia, Jasmine has also seen use in wedding ceremonies. Perhaps under a similar ideal as these religious practices, Jasmine has also seen long use in spells and rituals, particularly when seeking to attract love and prosperity; sometimes used in divination, particularly in the use of dream magic. In other mystical use, Jasmine flowers are also said to be great for use in charging quartz crystals with soothing energy.

In Chinese alternative medicine, Jasmine flowers are sometimes used to "cool down" blood. Studies have also shown Jasmine to possess strong antiviral and antibacterial properties, making it a popular supplement used in the treatment of colds and other such ailments as well.

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Lavender Flowers


Lavender flowers, or Lavandula angustifolia, are famed throughout the world, not only for their beauty but for their many culinary and agricultural uses as well. In agriculture, the flowers are used because of their abundant nectar, from which honey bees can create a high quality honey that is marketed worldwide as a premium product. Lavender flowers are also used widely as a flavoring for baked goods and desserts, and are on occasion candied to be used as a decoration for dishes. There are also references to Lavender flowers which date back to biblical times, showing that it was used to prepare the Holy Essence. The Romans also favored it to scent their bath waters and aid in restoring their skin, paying the equivalent of a farm worker`s monthly wage for only a small amount. Ancient and modern spiritual practices also found great use for the flowers, using Jasmine in spells seeking love and healing, as well as inner calm or a peace of mind. With these properties it became a favored component in spells seeking money, protection, purification, or contact with good spirits.

In medicine Lavender flowers are known for being usable as an antiseptic as well as an anti-inflammatory, and even saw use during World War I disinfecting the floors and walls of hospitals. Some herbalists also believe it to be of use in healing and soothing insect bites and acne, and Lavender has been a traditional treatment for skin burns, headaches, as well as helping one relax before sleeping.

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